Orthopedics Primary Healthcare

Primary Healthcare is pleased to partner with Heiden Orthopedics to provide our patients with access to the best orthopedic care in Utah. The physicians at Primary Healthcare can assess orthopedic injuries and conditions (see our Sports Medicine Services) and refer you to the appropriate orthopedic specialist at Heiden Orthopedics.

Are you unsure if you need to see an Orthopedic Surgeon? Make an appointment with Primary Healthcare to get assessed. Dr. Mangum completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine and can perform many non-surgical procedures that can help with musculoskeletal issues. If more specific surgical care is needed, Primary Healthcare can pair you with the right orthopedic surgeon at Heiden Orthopedics. Call Primary Healthcare in Utah at (801) 758-8735 to make an appointment today. Or click here for convenient online scheduling.

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