Tiffany Pulgiano, DNP

Dr. Tiffany Pulgiano is a graduate of the University of Utah’s Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) program in 2015. Her DNP program of study focused on adult and geriatric populations. Additionally, she obtained a Post-Graduate Interdisciplinary Certification in Gerontology. Prior to DNP practice, she practiced as a certified adult oncology nurse for several years. She continues to have a passion for caring for cancer patient and cancer survivors. For her doctoral project, her and her team, recipients of a Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation Grant, were able to create Survivorship Care Plans at Huntsman Cancer Institute.  Dr. Tiffany Pulgiano has been actively practicing medicine in an outpatient Internal Medicine Primary Care setting since her graduation in 2015.

Dr. Tiffany Pulgiano nurtures her professional growth by staying current with relevant literature and continuing education opportunities. She is a member of American academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP), Utah Nurse Practitioners (UNP) and is an affiliate member of American College of Physicians (ACP). She also treats Hepatitis C by participating in Project ECHO Telemedicine Clinic. By utilizing project ECHO, Tiffany is able to collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of professionals and be mentored by Hepatologist to treat Hepatitis C to underserved populations. Additionally, she is very dedicated to Women’s Health and has participated in Women’s Health Prevention Programs within an outpatient community clinic setting. 

Dr. Tiffany Pulgiano is greatly respected by colleagues and patients. Her colleagues amend her outstanding clinical quality, interpersonal skills and patient satisfaction. They made note on how she exemplifies the qualities/characteristics of an engaged clinician who is dedicated to providing the humanistic element necessary to provide true healing. 

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some PASSION, some compassion, some humor, and some style. ~ Maya Angelou

A healthy and professional patient-provider relationship is the key to your greatest health outcomes. I hope to LISTEN and LEARN about you as a person and develop trust. TOGETHER we can make efforts and goals towards achieving (or maintaining) your health and wellness. I recognize there is no one size fits all health care. We are all unique beings, with different genetics, environments, nutritional habits, cultural & spiritual beliefs, behaviors, emotions, physical make-up, etc. These components can drive overall health and affect optimal functioning and I take them into great consideration when caring for you.

Tiffany Pulgiano, DNP

In her free time, Tiffany enjoys spending time with beautiful daughter & son. She also enjoys the outdoors, often participating in activities such as skiing, camping, hiking, Pilates/Yoga workouts and biking. Other interests & hobbies include singing, Star Wars/Space, reiki/energy work/healing and aromatherapy with essential oils. She is also an active member of St. Anders Catholic Parish and enjoys volunteering for the community as a member of the Woman’s Society. 

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