Missionary Physicals

Primary Healthcare is proud to provide missionary physicals for prospective missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Dr. Kevin Mangum served a mission in Brazil, Sao Paulo and is well acquainted with the importance of a thorough health examination prior to missionary service. 

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints requires that prospective missionaries: 

  1. Fill out a complete Personal Health History AND 
  2. Have an examination and get The Physician’s Health Evaluation of Missionary Candidate form signed by a Medical Doctor (MD), Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (DO), Physician Assistant (PA) or Nurse Practitioner (NP).

The physicians at Primary Healthcare have experience with missionary physicals and can help with this important step in a very timely manner. With same-day appointments available, we can help get your missionary paperwork filled out and your portion mailed in quickly.

What happens at a Missionary Physical? 

During the physical for a prospective missionary, your physician will start by talking through the completed Personal Health History. Please be very thorough and honest in this self-written history. This helps the physician address health issues and correct and/or stabilize any problems like asthma, diabetes, seizures, emotional disorders, etc. 

The physician will also perform a thorough physical examination. These exams are similar to an annual physical exam. They include examination of the eyes, ears, throat, listening to heart and lungs, etc. Required tests include: a tuberculosis test, a blood test to examine hemoglobin/hematocrit levels and a urinalysis test.

Why do I Need a Missionary Physical? 

The overall goal of a physical is to ensure candidates can complete the rigorous physical demands of missionary work. The physician will indicate if the prospective missionary has a chronic condition that needs continued prescriptions/physician oversight.

After the missionary physical, the physician may have some medication or other medical recommendations. The goal is to help get your missionary in peak condition for missionary service. 

At the end of your visit, the physician will keep the Personal Health History and the Physical paperwork . The paper work needs to be signed by the prospective missionary to give permission for the release of health information to the church.

After reviewing the Personal Health History, completing the examination and reviewing lab work, the physician will mark one of several options provided on the paperwork. These options include:

  • Level A: No limitation (No limitation of activity in lifting, carrying, walking 6 or more miles per day, or spending 12 to 16 hours per day in missionary activity.) 
  • Level B: Slight limitation (Slight limitation of activity; slight decrease of function or stamina, such as problems with walking (limited to 3-6 miles per day) or with extensive standing.) 
  • Level C: Moderate limitation (Moderate limitation of activity; moderate decrease of function or stamina; requires limited walking (0-3 miles per day) or sedentary work.) 
  • Level D: Marked limitation (Marked limitation of activity or has special requirements, such as specific climate, use of wheelchair, frequent rest periods, special medical needs, or medical visits.) 

Level E: Not appropriate (Conditions exist that preclude full-time missionary service.)

The physician will complete all of the paperwork. It will then be mailed directly to the candidate’s bishop or branch president.

How early can I schedule a missionary physical?                                                                                                                 

The Physician’s Health Evaluation of Missionary Candidate form is good for one year. This is a great thing to check off your “to-do” list early in the process! Currently, missionaries can turn in their paperwork 150 days prior to their eligibility date. 

At Primary Healthcare, we would recommend trying to schedule your missionary physical around 6 months before your missionary’s availability date. This allows you to turn in your paperwork in a timely manner, without too much time passing in which health issues could potentially develop.

How do I schedule a missionary physical? 

You can schedule online by clicking here or by calling us at (801) 758-8735. Let us know you are coming for a missionary physical. Please bring the completed Personal Health History and the signed form The Physician’s Health Evaluation of Missionary Candidate.

Dr. Mangum is happy to establish a health baseline with your missionary and treat them before and after their mission.

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