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How can a doctor help with weight loss?

If excess weight is negatively impacting your life, the Primary Care Physicians (PCP) at Primary Healthcare can help you with weight loss and weight management. 

Once you have established care with a PCP, they’re uniquely suited to help you achieve and maintain a healthy weight. A doctor that knows your health history can provide education, tools and the follow-up care to help you achieve your weight loss goals. 

What type of doctor should I see for weight loss? 

A Primary Care Physician can help you with your weight loss. Your PCP will give you customized weight loss recommendations based on your health history. If you are interested in surgical weight loss options, your PCP could also potentially refer you to a bariatric surgeon.

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Can my doctor do anything to help me lose weight?

Yes! Your doctor at Primary Healthcare in Utah can be a helpful partner in your journey towards a more healthy weight. They can do this through: 

  1. Helping you set realistic goals. Your PCP can help you set a reasonable weight loss goal while taking into account your overall health history.
  2. Providing education. Your PCP can educate you about the methods and tools to help you lose weight in a healthy way. 
  3. Monitor Progress. Your doctor can provide you support and encouragement and on-going health monitoring as you work on losing weight. An accountability partner will increase your likelihood of successfully losing weight and ensure that you are staying healthy while doing it. 
  4. Provide Referrals. Your PCP might refer you to a registered dietician, physical therapists or other healthcare professionals who could provide you additional support or guidance to help with your weight loss. 
  5. Prescribe Medication. Your PCP may prescribe medication to help with your weight loss, including injectable medications.
  6. Identify and treat underlying health issues. You might have underlying health issues contributing to your weight gain or making it more difficult to lose weight. Issues might include: hormonal imbalances, sleep disorders or medication side effects. Your PCP can help resolve these underlying health issues. Additionally, a Primary Care doctor can also check your blood to make sure that your organs are working properly.
  7. Treat muscle and joint problems. As you lose weight and increase your physical activity, your PCP can help address muscle and joint issues that prevent you from living an active life. 

We understand that weight loss can be an intimidating and a frustrating process. However, a PCP from Primary Healthcare can be a helpful partner if you are ready to lose weight. 

You can make an appointment at Primary Healthcare by clicking here or call (801) 758-8735. We would love to help you on your journey to a healthy weight.

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